Commercial Display

Commercial grade digital signage is specially built for strenuous usage and long hours. Unlike their consumer grade counterparts that can be seen at home and in big box shops, these commercial display screens have more features suited for industrial usage. Digital signage is becoming more popular in different venues and industries like schools, hospitals, airports and restaurants, to mention a few. While consumer TV screens and commercial display may be confused and interchanged, the benefits just do not compare. Commercial digital signage benefits include

  • Visually brighter and sharper screens specially made for commercial usage
  • Extra features made especially for digital signage units and the integration systems which include, but are not limited to, business software,
  • Take advantage of a  robust warranty and support only available for commercial digital signage and deployment.
  • Have the luxury of rigorous use and still enjoy a long lifespan for your signage
  • Multiple input ports for different media players and connectivity options.
  • Enclosures for multiple weather/climate conditions that involve digital signage deployment.