Digital Totems and Floor Stands

Digital signage can come in various shapes and sizes, that also includes the digital totem. Enjoy high luminance and color displays with high definition totem screens. These totems are perfect for high traffic locations like shopping malls, hotels, corporate lobbies and so much more. Uniconnect media provides many options that lets you advertise, collaborate and deliver great customer experience where ever you deploy your digital signage. Enjoy the benefits of digital totems such as

  • Different formats of media content can be downloaded through the internet and stored locally then played in different sequence types.
  • Control and set up your digital signage network via a remote management system
  • Totem screen can be divided to show different zones of display for varying content
  • Vandal proof that adopts a microcomputer inner alarm system, and recovery when abnormal.
  • Multiple operation systems like Windows and Linux are supported by the signages