Dual Sided Digital Displays

Dual sided digital displays are perfect for multitasking settings and locations with high traffic. Having screens on both sides of the panel allows for more advertising and information coverage since people can view the displays regardless of which way they are facing. It is having two screens without shelling out for one more digital signage unit. Productivity is increased without having to exert effort meant for two digital signage deployments. Dual Sided digital signages are perfect for hospitals, schools, shopping malls and any venue with high traffic and even in places separated by walls. The benefits of these dual sided displays do not just stop there

  • Conference rooms divided by a wall can have simultaneous meetings discussing different topics
  • Use as screen in rooms and architecture separated by a wall to display advertisement and other vital information
  • Save time and money from deploying twice the number of digital signage units.
  • Enjoy the same features and benefits as you would in single screen digital signage.
  • Dual sided displays support two-way traffic viewing perfect for way finding, maps, airport flight schedules, room numbers and so much more.
  • Increase the flow of traffic without the need to retract steps to review information. Best suited for ¬†restaurants, drive thru and other over-the-counter order-oriented establishments.