High Quality Projector screens

Whether for entertainment or business, High-Quality Projector Screens are your best option to get the best picture for long range viewing. Having the right two-piece projection system will give you optimized imagery for all types of settings, may it be in a conference room, a home theater or the outdoors. These professional screens are designed for ease of operation and installation. Motorized or for simulation purposes, Uniconnect Media offers a variety of grade A projector screens. The benefits of using a High-Quality Projector Screen includes

  • Saving space with efficient retractable and motorized projector screen
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Enhanced reflective properties with multiple optical coatings with brilliant highlights, contrasts and color saturation.
  • Images will be large and clear even in far distances
  • Lessen eye strain with non-LCD surface and a larger resolution
  • Simulation projector screens supports a virtually hands-on learning environment for technical trainings