Hotel Digital Displays

The concept of the hotel digital signage has been around for a long time, even then with the default hotel channels with the hotel amenities, restaurants and advertising in the hotel room’s TV. From Marriot to the Royal Carribean, digital signage has offered more than just static information and convenience. Expand your hotel and commercial services with


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  • Digital signage to change schedules and information dynamically and according to event specifications for hotels with conference rooms.
  • Interactive digital signage as a wayfinding system to help patrons find their way around the hotel
  • Digital concierge kiosks to help self-service check in and check out for patrons while displaying room rates and other important information.
  • A means to generate valuable feedback from patrons to be used to shape business operations
  • The convenience to give special offers at a moment’s notice to reduce vacancies
  • Display flight departure and arrival information or tour schedules in the lobby for patrons on business or leisure.