Professional Monitors

Professional monitors are specially designed for business and even academic settings. These monitors and interactive screens are embedded with solutions to address communication issues. Increase productivity and collaboration with interactive features, 24/7 operation hours for non-interactive monitors, business applications embedded in the software and so much more. Share ideas and business plans clearly and concisely with group members and other people involved in your whole business process. The many benefits of interactive whiteboards and professional monitors do not only stop there

professional monitors
  • Share screens and  discuss topics with remote attendees making sure everyone in the room is looking at the same screen and are on the right track.
  • Transfer files and other documents from the interactive whiteboard to mobile gadgets and other devices connected through a wireless network.
  • Improve learning and information retention with the flexibility of using different learning methods and media format through digital means.
  • Gestures and other touch screen features are familiar and easy to use. No more markers and erasers.
  • Meetings turn into collaborative planning instead of just a one man show. Files are easily shared, accessed, edited and saved all on the interactive platform.